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Release calendar

We’ve got a lot in stock for 2020, literally. At least 17 different beers will see the light of day after a super productive fermentation session. More seasonal delicacies, tongue tingling specials, and a brand new addition to our core range to top it all off. Or tap it off, as all our beers are available by the keg.
For the first time we have created a super-deluxe Two Chefs Brewing 2020 Release Calendar.

Once we are ready to launch our beers into the world you will be the first one to know. So don’t worry about missing out on any of our release dates with our 2020 Release Calendar.

Most importantly you can ensure that these fun new flavours get delivered to you fresh and right on time for their release date by pre-ordering them while supplies last.

Click here to go straight to our 2020 Release Calendar!

Hell yeah!