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Barrel aged beers and whiskey

Jameson Caskmates

Jameson Whiskey and Two Chefs Brewing have decided to commit to a long term relationship under the wings of Jameson Whiskey Caskmates: the idea to age whiskey in beer barrels and vice versa to accentuate and complement each other. In November of 2017 we launched the Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition with a press event at the brewery of Two Chefs Brewing.

Meanwhile Two Chefs Brewing has received a dozen whiskey barrels to age 2 styles of beer. Half of the barrels are already filled with Two Chefs’ Dirty Katarina Imperial Stout. This beer will age in these barrels for approximately 9 months to a year. Come wintertime 2018 we will host an event together to celebrate this opportunity.

The other half of the barrels will be filled with a lighter, hoppier beer to be in contrast to the dark sweeter stoutbeer that is in the barrels now. Together with our brewmaster we’ve decided to brew a Rye IPA.

Hell yeah!