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A Beer From Outer Space

Space Monkey

The Space Beers universe is, well, as big as the universe! But what you probably didn’t know is that most of the aliens out there are just as messed up and bored as we are. Sure, some have all the latest gizmos, like faster-than-light travel, flying bubble drunk-tanks, and A.I powered alien abduction machines, but what they don’t have is Earth beer! Well, they didn’t, until a young Scot named Jed is abducted by two bored, sociopathic aliens girls on a bender, in Space Beers: The Beginning.

So, the story so far…

Animation film, check! Short live-action movie, check! Branded beer courtesy by yours truly, check! Leading to… FEATURE FILM FRANCHISE! Sounds ambitious? Hey, there are diamond covered aliens out there that drink booze from the skulls of unicorns. We want in on that action!

Space Beers is being produced by Space Brewery Films.

Hell yeah!