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Lucky you, you have found the route to the big beer and cheese party of spring 2024! this pairing is SUMMARYED BY TWO CHEFS BREWING AND THE CHEESE CHAMBER OF AMSTERDAM. the combinations of the craft beer with the special and artisanal cheeses take the taste sensations to an otherworldly level. put on your best party outfit, invite your friends and let's party!

Package includes:
4 different beers in gift packaging
4 corresponding cheeses, each approximately 60 grams (total approximately 250 grams)

This package contains freshly cut cheese from our partner, De Kaaskamer. Therefore, the delivery time may take up to 5 business days. This also applies to other products in the same order. The tasting glasses are not dishwasher proof. One of the cheeses is not suitable for pregnant women. The cheeses usually have a shelf life of 2 to 3 weeks upon delivery.

Pairing 1: Smoked Peach Bourbon Sour x Goudse Gerookt

Pairing 1

Where there's smoke, there's fire! We contrast the smoked peach and bourbon combination of the cocktail sour with a raw milk Gouda cheese. After two weeks of aging, the farmer's cheese lodges overnight in a smokehouse for two nights, before aging for another three months. The result is a creamy, semi-hard Dutch cheese that pairs beautifully with the smoky allure and sweet tone of the unique sour.

Pairing 2: Jazz Hands x Boeren Truffel

Pairing 2

The dino beer lays a soft and spicy base of chamomile and honey, on which the meteorite of this truffle cheese is going to hit.It is a farmers Gouda cheese made by the Family Koopman in northern North Holland. The cheese matures for 4 months. To the curd goes black summer truffle, giving the cheese a delicate and earthy character. The combination is intense, and the impact is one that scares dinosaurs.

Pairing 3: Wing Walker x Lacaune

Pairing 3

Fly away with us! Destination: the Gelderse Vallei, where the Lacaune sheep happily prance. Master Affineurs in Rhenen uses the sweet milk of this originally French breed of sheep for this special cheese. The pairing is with a beer that has its roots a lot further along by using New Zealand hops. It is a creamy and powerful beer that will have you looping with delight.

Pairing 4: Heading Up x El Esprimijo

Pairing 4

A combination that rocked our world for a moment. The notes of citrus, pine and deep malt flavors of the Record Breaker beer meld so beautifully with this Spanish powerhouse. El Esprimijo has won many medals at cheese competitions around the world and is made on the Portuguese border. It is a strongly aromatic cheese that, together with the amber-colored IPA, sets the stairway to heaven for you. A high-level pairing!

Please note that this cheese is made with raw milk and is therefore not suitable for pregnant women.

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