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Everyone knows that beer and cheese are a timeless, winning combination. However, the right beer with a specifically selected cheese is total bliss.

Together with our friends from De Kaaskamer we’ve curated Cheese x Beer Pairings, and this is already our (5)th edition. Here we pair a range of six different beers with cheeses from throughout the Netherlands and beyond. Always a feast of flavors, starting with a mild intensity and ending with a bang! It's fantastic to see what the cheese does to the beer, but also what the beer does to the cheese!

The Beer x Cheese Combinations:
> Dragons Kiss (Session IPA) x Havarti Tilsiter
> Tropical Ralphie (Weizen) x Alblasser
> Funky Falcon (Pale Ale) x Vieux Gris
> Holy Günther (Lager) x Boeren Brandnetel
> White Mamba (Witbier) x Bleu des Basque
> Howling Wolf (Imperial Porter) x Tomme des Brebis

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