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Pre Order: Het Dinerpakket - Christmas box

Package contents



When ordering this product please state when you would like to receive the product in the notfications of your order. Delivery is available from the 5th of december.

With the last package we treat the real sweet tooths with a magnificent evening! With this package we show that we take beer and food combination seriously

Content of the box:

The Essentials:
👉 6 Two Chefs Brewing beers
👉 A beerglas for life!
👉 the hardcore Two Chefs Game
👉 Coasters to decorate your table
👉 Homemade Espresso Martini (made from our Howling Wolf)
👉 Organic chocolate bar (Chocolate Makers Amsterdam)
👉 Hoeksche Chips with homemade herbal mix to pimp your chips


👉 Two Limited Edition beers
👉 Funky Falcon BeerCheeseFondue (made with Smelt)
👉 Two Fondue Sticks
👉 Recept & ingredients: Beer Bread 
👉 Recipe & ingredients: Beer Bavarois
👉 Rillet made of oyster mushrooms (grown on coffee soil)
👉 Spiced Cornichons - Kesbeke X Two Chefs
👉 White Mamba hangover tea for the next morning ;)
👉 Spicy Tropical limonade developed with Saru Soda (0,5L)

Are there any allergies or other wishes such as a personal note? more than one adres? let us know in the comment section while checking you cart. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

wait there is more?!
The Essentials - your essentials for a great night
The borrelBox - The perfect borrel

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