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We're back!

After a postponed Euro Cup, we’re stoked to once again pull all of our orange accessories out of the closet again and sing along with Viva Hollandia. That's why we’ll be broadcasting every match. Yes, you read that right, every single World Cup match.
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Why watch the World Cup with us?

The question is actually, 'Why not?' Check the reasons below why Two Chefs Foodbar is the place to be during the World Cup.

At the Foodbar you can watch the game on multiple screens with all your friends, your team and family; there is plenty of room! After a hard day's work, we can understand that you might prefer to watch the game sitting down - of course, you can do that here too!

What if our pride of Orange Lions get a goal scored against them? Worry not! Everyone gets a shot of Salmari on the house to drink away our sadness together. Suddenly a goal against isn’t so terrible anymore :p

A burger deal! For the fanatics among us, we offer half a liter of Holy Günter with a juicy chicken burger for only €21.50. Your chance to score!

Are you with a very large group and can't find a bar where you can all watch it together? We’ve got you! Our Private Studio in West is available for rent for groups of at least 50 people, with its very own beer tap!Mail for more info!

In short, plenty of reasons to come and watch this World Cup with us in the Foodbarren!

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