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Barrel Aged 2-pack

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Two releases from our barrel aged project in a 2-pack, both aged for 12 months in barrels in our own brewery.

Hill Rye barrel aged

Pitch black with a white foam, powerful aromas of cocoa, caramel, coconut, rye, toasted oak, and chocolate. Finished with a kiss of oak tannins and a mouth coating richness.

Panama Rum barrel aged

Lush and thick with warming alcohols from the remaining rum in the barrel. Flavours of dark sugar, toffee and rum mingle with oak and roasted malts to deliver a velvety, toasty body.

These barrel aged beers are also available in individual 2-packs:

Rum flesje 2pack2

Panama Rum Barrel Aged

Imperial stout

Rye flesje 2pack2

Heaven Hill Rye Barrel Aged

Imperial stout


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