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Brand Identity

At Two Chefs we'd love for you to be able to pour all your creative energy into creating cool stuff with our branding (and share the cool stuff you make with us!). On this page we'd like to share with you how to do that and deliver you with the files you need to get going.
Festi 4
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There are two main versions of our logo which we use, and these two versions are available in our black and pink colours. We also use our motto Live A Little in text or art form, also available in black and pink

Black logos:
Logo Black + Live A Little (PNG)
Logo Black (PNG)
Logo Black + Live A Little (vector)
Logo Black (vector)
Live A Little Text
Live A Little Artwork

Pink logos:
Logo Pink + Live A Little (PNG)
Logo Pink (PNG)
Logo Pink + Live A Little (vector)
Logo Pink (vector)
Live A Little Text
Live A Little Artwork


We use two fonts: Rather Loud (bold) and Argone (bold/regular). Rather Loud is used for headers, titles and subtitles and Argone is used for the main body and smaller texts.
Funky Falcon ton sur ton
Bon Chef ton sur ton
White Mamba ton sur ton
Green Bullet ton sur ton
FF0 2 ton sur ton
Howling Wolf ton sur ton
Tropical Ralphie ton sur ton
Holy Gunter ton sur ton
Dragons Kiss ton sur ton

Original Cans

Our beers always stand out because of their colorful labels and dope artwork. All our designs are made by two resident artists who pour all their creativity and love into their work.

Funky Falcon

Bon Chef

White Mamba

Green Bullet

Tropical Ralphie

Holy Günter

Dragon's Kiss

Howling Wolf

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