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From homebrewing to one million litres
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First there were two... there are many! Since 2012, Two Chefs Brewing has been independently brewing craft beers for everyone: from the humble bon vivant to the adventurous beer geek, our goal is to make life just that more tasty and fun! We believe that every sip of mediocre beer is one too many. Our chefs experiment endlessly with exciting flavour combinations and new techniques. The result? Great craft beer in all flavours and styles, something for everyone.

Live a little

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We're serious about our craft but don't take ourselves too seriously. Live a little is not only our slogan, it’s a way of life! It’s not as dull as carpe diem and not as extreme as YOLO, but it helps to spice things up and enjoy life a bit more. Life’s short, live a little!

Our originals

Brewed all year round

Funky Falcon ton sur ton
Bon Chef ton sur ton
White Mamba ton sur ton
Green Bullet ton sur ton
FF0 2 ton sur ton
Tropical Ralphie ton sur ton
Howling Wolf ton sur ton
Holy Gunter ton sur ton
Dragons Kiss ton sur ton

Our originals line-up consists of popular styles like our fan-favorite Pale Ale, the IPA that started it all, a weizen that honors one of our first employees, our first non-alcoholic beer, and more. We're consistently evaluating and tweaking the recipes of our originals because you know what they say: chefs gonna chef!

We also brew limited editions. Small and one-off batches where we experiment with flavours, styles and techniques. From tomato beer to triple IPAs: if we can think of it, we can brew it.
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Can only, but why?

Our beers are only available in cans and kegs. Let us explain why. Spoiler alert: quality!

Can vs bottle

Back to the future

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2012 First homebrew
2013 First batch of Green Bullet IPA
2014 First batch of Howling Wolf Imperial Porter
2014 First employee; Tropical Ralphie
2015 First batch of Funky Falcon Pale Ale
2016 First crowdfunding (300K)
2016 First batch of White Mamba White Beer
2017 Brewery opening
2017 Chinese beer bottling line installed
2017 New branding & house style
2018 Bottling line canceled and banished
2018 New bottling line installed from Germany
2019 All beers fully produced in-house
2019 Willem stubs his toe really hard
2019 First batch of Bon Chef NEIPA in collaboration with Foodhallen
2020 First batch of Dragons Kiss Session IPA
2020 Opening of Two Chefs Foodbar
2020 Exclusive use of our own steel kegs
2021 Collab with the one and only Vengaboys
2021 Red van got stolen
2022 Fully transistioned to exclusively using cans
2022 10 year anniversary festival
2022 1 million liters brewed and 50 colleagues
2023 Second crowdfunding (1M)

Visual time capsule

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The latest juice

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Sunny Waves

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We are fed up with the glorifying of non-alcoholic!

A look into the brewery

Meet head brewer Tony


Our Aussie Battler was a brewer at The Kernel Brewing in the U.K. and joined our team in 2019. Tony has been responsible for all our awesome brews since, from safeguarding our originals to experimenting with mind-blowing limited editions. You can thank him and his brewers for the taste explosions found in our cans.

This is where the magic happens

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Brouwerij tanks

Our bar in Amsterdam

The following content can be massively hunger and thirst-inducing!

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At the end of the rainbow, you’ll find our tasteful restaurant and bar in Amsterdam West. Where fine dining and comfort food meet, and the craft beer is mighty fresh!

Would you like to enjoy our beers as fresh as possible? Look no further than our bar in Amsterdam! Almost every day, we transport batches of our latest brews to our beloved home away from home. As you've probably discovered, we take great pleasure in experimenting with various flavors and styles. To complement our craftsmanship, the Two Chefs Foodbar serves delectable culinary comfort food that perfectly complements our craft beverages. Don't miss out on the complete Two Chefs experience - swing by and treat yourself!
Two Chefs Foodbar in Amsterdam

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From funky tunes to howling blues and from dragon metal to holy hits: let Two Chefs soundtrack your day!
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