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What started in 2012 with two chefs brewing bold flavors at home has grown into a full-blown operation with an ace international team running a state-of-the-art brewery and two cozy restaurants and bars. On top of that, we’ve always got exciting things brewing, like a bunch of cool collaborations and several exciting projects – with plenty more on the horizon!

Looking to join the team behind Amsterdam’s finest independent craft beer brewery? Have a look at our job openings and apply!

For questions or to apply, please contact Marjoleine at

Headquarters & Brewery

Sloterdijk, Amsterdam

Our head office, logistical base of operations, and where all the good stuff is brewed.

👉 Account Manager Utrecht
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Browuerij Vacature
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Foodbar West

Hugo de Grootplein, Amsterdam

Our lovely spot in the heart of Amsterdam Oud-West where people come to satiate their appetite for good vibes, craft beer and great food.

👉 Open Application
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Food Barren vacatures 16
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Foodbar Zuid

Stadionplein Amsterdam

The place to be in Amsterdam Zuid: our restaurant and bar, blessed with a massive terrace where people come to enjoy craft beer and dine out in style.

👉 open application
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Open application

The brewery - Foodbar West & Zuid

Do you have a very particular set of skills that’ll make you a prized addition to our team? We’re always looking for motivated, fun new colleagues that don’t take themselves too seriously. If that’s you, then don’t hesitate to send a message with your motivation to Marjolein:

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