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Our spot in Amsterdam Zuid where (craft) beer meets kitchen - with a huge terrace, stylish interior, an armada of beer taps that pour mighty fresh craft beers, and a refined restaurant for culinary comfort food.

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Stadionplein 103

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On the sun-soaked square of Stadionplein you’ll find the lively and beautiful Two Chefs FoodBar Zuid. With a huge terrace and a view of the historic Olympic Stadium, you can truly treat yourself here.

It's really nice and spacious outside, and inside it's super cozy. Come and hang out at the bar with 20 beer taps with fresh beer straight from our brewery. Challenge your friends to a game of bean-bag throwing or treat your taste buds to our menu, do as you please!

FoodBar Zuid is, similarly to West, an ideal place for large groups. So if you have something to celebrate or just want to enjoy life with your friends, colleagues, or family, this is the place to be. Also suitable for small groups (read: date) with an intimate atmosphere and great bites.

Whatever it may be, there is a good chance that you will leave our FoodBar moonwalking with a big grin on your face.

Watch out! the following content can be massively hunger and thirst inducing!

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Radical Frank

Dragonball t

Dragonball T

Heavenly Plummet

Heavenly Plummet

Spoon Bending

Spoon Bending

Straitjacker blik nieuw

Straitjacket Escape

India Pale Ale Special Editions Sour Limited Editions Dark Crazy Collabs India Pale Ale Special Editions Sour

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