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Bonza! This beaut of a beer is so jam packed full of flavour your senses will be going off like a frog in a sock! Deadset, we’ve chocked this IPA full of the best hops down under has to offer. With this much hop juice every man and his dog will be after a tinnie! Aussies love to live A little by kicking back with their mates and knocking the top off a couple of cold frothies.
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Good onya cobba!

For the second edition of our Live a Little series we created this right bottler of an Australian IPA in honour of our head brewer Tony. Our beloved Raving Granny introduced the philosophy of the Live A Little series, and now it's time for the Aussie Battler to showcase how they live a little down under.

We wanted to encapsulate the Aussie way of living; Catching a few waves followed by a barbie on the beach makes life all good! This beer is a homage to the land down under by exclusively using hops grown down the road from Tony’s childhood home in Tasmania, a place near and dear to his heart. We gave it a fair go and used a heap of those hops to ensure it’d be ace. The result is a beer that has a thick body but clean finish and is chock full of fruity aromas and flavour that sends every bloke and sheila running to their nearest bottle shop.

Go down under mate!

Australian Hop Oat IPA

Aussie Battler

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