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Sunny Waves

In collaboration with Basqueland Brewing, we have brewed Sunny Waves. A DIPA to enjoy in the sunshine, regardless of the coastline!
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Sunny days, sunny waves

When we discovered our friendship with brewers from the beautiful Basque country, it soon became clear that we share the same passion: a love for Dutch snacks with the word 'bitter' in their name as well as a fondness for bitter beer! With this shared interest, it was only natural that we would brew a beer together. And what better match for these summer days than a delicious West Coast DIPA, brimming with character with an impressive 90 IBU of bitterness!

But Sunny Waves is not all about bitterness, because it is summer and so this DIPA should be the perfect companion under the sun. Therefore, we have lightened the beer a little by adding a generous amount of rice. This creates a bright, refreshing base that is perfect for the hot days of the season.

Whether you are on the coast or you are far from the sea, Sunny Waves will always make you feel like you are in a summer paradise. Let your taste buds dance on the waves of this delectable DIPA and fully enjoy the sun-kissed vibes this beer has to offer.

West Coast DIPA

Sunny Waves

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