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In collaboration with our Rotterdam brewing buddies from Brouwerij Noordt, we brewed a West Coast Cold IPA! This is not just any chilly IPA, this beer style is so called because it’s fermented at a low temperature. It's a super-tasty cross between a lager and an IPA – with the best of both!

We aptly named in Intercity Conspiracy to symbolize Amsterdam and Rotterdam brewing hand-in-hand, conspiring to bring you this novel hybrid brew. Intercity Conspiracy (6%) has a clear color, is nice and fresh and drinkable, with a dry finish. Due to the enormous load of American C-hops, the Intercity Conspiracy has a strong hop bitterness, with strong aromas of pine resin and tropical fruit. Of course, this Cold IPA is best when it is also drunk cold.

A delicious beer that is all about our friendship and the strong bond between our breweries. Noordt has a special place in our hearts: when we were busy setting up and purchasing for the Two Chefs Brewing brewery in 2015, Peter Rouwen of Brouwerij Noordt helped us out in a big way with the entire process. We are very grateful to him and Noordt and we are still good brewing friends. So it was high time to brew something exciting together!

West Coast Cold IPA

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