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Cloudwater collab: round 2

In collaboration with Cloudwater Brew we brewed an autumnal sour beer that is ready to smack your pie-hole with flavor!
Cloudwater Two Chefs collab 2022
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We’re buzzing to team up again with Cloudwater Brew Co for another tasty collab. Earlier this year, we traveled to their brewery in Manchester to brew a smooth Pale Ale and a mighty IPA – this time around, we’ve gone for something completely different! Cloudwater joined us at our brewery in Amsterdam to make an Imperial Double Mashed Pumpkin Sour. It’s as wild as it sounds and perfectly reflects how both breweries love to create bold beers with daring ingredients.

Sour of the season

Fully Baked is an autumn-inspired sour beer, and at 9.1%, it packs a punch! We pulled out all the stops, resulting in a rich, thick liquid pumpkin pie with hints of vanilla, pecan, maple syrup, orange peel, and other delightful spices. This sour was brewed with barley, oats, and wheat, giving the beer a nicely intricate malt body. As far as autumnal beers go – it’s the real deal! It suits the season so well that it’s just the thing to keep you warm and cozy as the nights grow longer and darker.

Get Fully Baked (9.1%) now!
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Triple Collab

Just like with our other collab brews, it’s more than two awesome breweries joining forces to make an insane new beer – we’ve also teamed up with a talented artist to design a spectacular label.

Pieter van Tongeren (aka Mossy Giant) stepped up and delivered a distinctly trippy and highly-detailed illustration. The big man with an even bigger heart hails from the coast of Holland and is known for his kick-ass illustrations of plants and beasts in a psychedelic and wild style. Pieter van Tongeren is the man behind the Mossy Giant moniker, and he’s particularly fond of illustrating elaborate and entertaining scenes set in the plant kingdom. His artwork, with all its levels of detail, is a trip and excellent representation of this Imperial Double Mashed Pumpkin Sour with its rich, full-bodied flavor!

Fully Baked – Imperial Double Mashed Pumpkin Pie Sour (9.1%) is now available in the webshop. Get this pumpkin-pie sour fresh out of the oven here!

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