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Heavenly Plummet

Treat your tastebuds by introducing them to our latest sour beer: Heavenly Plummet!
Artikel Heavenly
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Discover the refreshing flavor fusion of juicy plums, black pepper, and herbaceous lemon verbena in this delightful jammy, and fruity sour beer.

Heavenly Plummet is a gift from above! The flowers from the lemon verbena plant are known for their aromatic qualities and it's particularly fragrant when fresh. A bunch of fresh lemon verbena was used to add a lemon flavor to the beer and a strong scent of lemon peel, along with blossoming botanical notes. A dash of dried black peppercorns adds a bit of bite and a touch of spice. Last but not least, a truckload of juicy plums give this beer its characteristic rich sweet and sour flavor with a fruity, tart complexion. For all sour beer lovers out there, this is heaven-sent!
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