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It’s time our brewery got a major upgrade, and we’re hoping to realize our plans for the future with your help through a crowdfunding campaign. Let’s go!!!
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The Future of Two Chefs

In order to continue growing independently and to meet the increasing demand, we have to expand the brewery considerably. We’re so hard that we’re set to brew 1,000,000 liters of beer this year, a milestone that we will reach two years earlier than expected. Our beers are beloved throughout the Netherlands, but the demand for Funky Falcons is also growing abroad. It’s, therefore, time to press ahead and scale up our brewing capacity and take Two Chefs to the next level!

Brewery Upgrade

We want to double our production by 2025. To achieve this end, we’ll expand the brewery with new machines and improve existing processes and make them more sustainable. We are planning to purchase new fermentation tanks and lagering tanks as well as an inline carbonator, nitrogen generator, reverse osmosis equipment, depalletizer, and much more. With the construction of our own laboratory, we want to improve quality controls and carry out new flavor experiments in order to make even better beer. We will also expand our product range with the launch of new non-alcoholic beer. To support the planned growth, we need more staff, also to handle our growth abroad.
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Crowdfunding for the win!

After our previous successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016, we hope, once again, to realize our plans for the future with the help of crowdfunding. The previous crowdfunding campaign raised €300,000, with which we financed the construction of our fantastic brewery. Thanks to that loan, which was fully repaid this year, we have made tremendous progress. The aim of this new crowdfunding campaign is to secure a loan of at least €500,000 (with an extension of up to €1,000,000).

Toffe investerings-perks

In addition to a 4% return on the loan and eternal gratitude, everyone who contributes to our future plans can expect all kinds of cool perks. These perks range from special beer packages to immortalizing your name in the brewery, to brewing your own beer with the head brewer - or even joining the two chefs as a VIP to America to select exclusive hops. The loans will have a term of six years. We’d love for you to join us! Invest and become a Chef too!

Have a look on our campaign page and check out our campaign video! Here you will also find all information about our plans and exactly what we want to do with the loan - and of course, what you will receive in return as a thank-you for your trust in us.

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