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Modern Classic

Together with UK-based brewery Northern Monk, we brewed a juicy double IPA.
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Double the brewers, double the fun!

MODERN CLASSIC is exactly what it claims to be! Together with Northern Monk, we've taken the traditional British DIPA style and revamped the recipe to optimize its impact. This contemporary beer goes through multiple flavor stages: the smooth Maris Otter malt base imparts hints of cookie, complemented by fruity esters from London Fog yeast, a tropical explosion from Mosaic hops and beautiful earthy undertones thanks to UK Jester hops.

Double IPA

Modern Classic

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About Northern Monk

Northern Monk is an innovative brewery based in Leeds, United Kingdom, known for its craft beers and creative approach to brewing. They combine traditional brewing methods with modern techniques to produce a wide range of beers, ranging from classic ales to experimental brews. Northern Monk values quality, community and sustainability, and often collaborates with local artists, chefs and other breweries to create unique and surprising beers. Their mission is to enrich and renew British beer culture.

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