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It's been a long time coming, and now you’re looking at it: the super fresh Two Chefs Brewing website!
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Together with our friends from Bravoure, we got a fantastic new home on the web - the place to be for all your Two Chefs Brewing needs. From the freshest 
beers to the latest news, everything about the Two Chefs FoodBars, merchandise, business stuff, and much more! Make this your new homepage. Earlier this year, Two Chefs Brewing celebrated its 10th anniversary, and now we have our focus firmly fixed on what the future may bring. So, it was about time we gave our website a fresh makeover to go with the times.

Remember our old site? It was a cheerfully colorful and interactive place where the bottles of beer rolled across your screen. However, bottled beer is passe and canned beer is now the way to go! We completely switched over to canning our beer because it’s better for the beer and the environment – thus better for you!

Additionally, a bunch of new things came up in recent years – such as the Two Chefs FoodBars and our handy webshop. The old website just couldn't keep up anymore. Our new site integrates all our projects and businesses into one central Two Chefs brewing website.

Here you’ll find everything about Two Chefs – both about our beers, the brewery, job openings, the bars, other projects, and collaborations, as well as business opportunities. All that and much more on a lively website that is an excellent reflection of who we are: colorful, playful, and top-notch!

Shout-out to Anthony Thissen, Zoe Zinnemers and Rinse Elsenga from Bravoure! True web design wizards that made our digital dreams come true!
Check it out!
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