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Whoever thinks all IPAs are the same is seriously mistaken! Not only is this totally not true, but even changing a single ingredient can have a big impact on how an IPA turns out. To demonstrate this, we launched the Single Hop IPA series – a special project that demonstrates both the overt and subtle influences that hops can have on an IPA.

The New Zealand Single Hop Series showcases four exclusive hop varieties from, you guessed it, New Zealand in four otherwise identical single hop IPAs. These beers are brewed exactly the same, using the exact same recipe – with one crucial difference: each of these four IPAs uses a different kind of unique hops from New Zealand.

The true connoisseurs will immediately notice the impact of the hops and experience the beautiful differences that this one key ingredient has on the taste, smell, bitterness and overall experience of the beer.

We selected four hop varieties from New Zealand: Motueka, Pacific Sunrise, Nelson Sauvin, and Riwaka. On one hand, these hop varieties are close to each other in terms of origin, but on the other hand, they all have diverse and unique taste profiles. Each of these exotic hops is loved in the craft beer scene for its distinct bitterness, citrus notes, aromas and unique flavors.

“At Two Chefs, we work directly with our hop supplier from New Zealand, and this year, we managed to get our hands on four of their best and freshest hops! This allowed us to create this series with these unique and exciting hop varieties. The four IPAs are brewed in a completely identical way to let you experience "the full experience" of these specific hops. Nelson Sauvin is perhaps the most famous hop, but do you already know Motueka, Pacific Sunrise, and Riwaka? Which one will be your favorite?”
- Tony Miller, Head brewer at Two Chefs Brewing

Curious to try it yourself? These four IPAs can be bought separately but are also available in a pack of four, including an informational flyer and a limited-edition Two Chefs Brewing beer glass. Get them all together to experience the full power of hops!

NZ Single hop series

Can Motueka

Motueka IPA

Single Hop Series

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Can Pacific Sunrise

Pacific Sunrise IPA

Single Hop Series

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Can Nelson Sauvin

Nelson Sauvin IPA

Single Hop Series

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Can Riwaka

Riwaka IPA

Single Hop Series

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