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Funky Falcon Non Alcoholic Pale Ale

Keep it fresh and flavorful with the brand-new non-alcoholic version of the Funky Falcon!
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Funky Falcon with all it's colorful feathers and only 0.2% alcohol

Just like you're used to, but even more refreshing!

At long last, our very first non-alcoholic beer is a fact! We gave our signature pale ale, the super tasty Funky Falcon, an (almost) alcohol-free makeover, making it even more refreshing.

The colorful Funky Falcon is the beer that put Two Chefs Brewing on the map and can now be found from your favorite bar to your local supermarket. Naturally, we made a low-alcohol version of it. We've been working on it for ages and can't wait to share the final product with the world. It's the Funky Falcon as you know it, but with just 0.2% alcohol.

Although drinking non-alcoholic and alcohol-free beer is becoming increasingly common, there are still biases around taste and quality. With the Funky Falcon non-alcoholic Pale Ale (0.2%), we want to show that a non-alcoholic variant can have just as much character and flavor as the original! We brewed it with the same ingredients as the regular Funky Falcon, including Centennial and Chinook hops making it fantastically flavorful and bursting with citrus and lemongrass aromas and floral notes. It is pleasantly hoppy with a light character, a fruity body, and a subtle aftertaste. It's almost indistinguishable from the regular Funky Falcon!

Non-alcoholic pale ale

Funky Falcon 0.2%

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Campaign: Not as much fun, but just as tasty!
We noticed that large beer brands are keen to romanticize drinking alcohol-free beer and make it seem as though there’s no difference between drinking beer with alcohol. However, when we conducted our own research among our loyal customers, we found that most people definitely noticed a difference. Regardless of the good reasons people have to drink alcohol-free beer, it just doesn’t feel quite the same. In solidarity with people who make that choice, we’re starting a campaign called “not as much fun, but just as tasty” (niet leuker, wel lekker). The campaign will go live end of April, so stay tuned!

Funky Falcon Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale (0.2%) is now available in bars throughout the Netherlands, in our own FoodBars, available online through our webshop. And yes, you can also find it in larger supermarkets. So, for those who want a beer without alcohol but still want to enjoy flavor and character, we’ve got you covered!
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