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The Barrel-Aged Project is Back!

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We’re mainly known for our exceptionally fresh beers, but did you know that we’ve been barrel-aging beers for ages? That’s right! We wanted to take it to the next level, so two years ago, we started the Barrel-Aged Project.

For the Barrel-Aged Project, we aged different kinds of beers like Stouts, Barley Wine, and Saisons in various wooden casks that were formerly used for Jamaican Rum, Mezcal, Rye Whiskey, Bourbon, Port, and more. We let the beers ripen in the barrels for 3 to 15 months, after which they are then bottled. Aging the beers in these casks lets them develop complex flavor profiles resulting in remarkably tasty beers.

Previously we had Imperial Stouts aged on Rye and Bourbon barrels. Only a few hundred of these were made. Because we have a certain amount of barrels available, all the Barrel-Aged Project beers are made exclusively once as part of a very limited batch.

This fall, we’ll be releasing the latest batch of our barrel-aged beers. Can you guess what it’ll be this time?
Barrel aged project

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