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Office Legend

The third beer in the Live A Little series is a New England White IPA that pays tribute to those who refuse to let the drudgery of everyday office life kill their spirit.
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Hey, we get it. Offices are pretty boring. Break the rut, don't let the upcoming working day stop you, take it easy and get your rest between 9 and 5. Go for legendary, live a little!

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We all live two lives, so we decided to merge two styles in our new New England White IPA. Thanks to Azacca, Idaho 7 and Amarillo hops, you'll find in this beer a full and complex flavour profile you know from our IPAs. The addition of coriander and orange peel gives Office Legend that white beer twist. This limited edition is refreshing and hoppy with a spicy character.

Office Legend encourages to enjoy life's little pleasures even during the most boring and meaningless tasks. Whether you are taking a break from analysing spreadsheets or celebrating the end of a long working day, this beer is here to make your life just a little more bearable. It is the third release in our Live A Little series, through which we want to encourage everyone to shake life up a bit by colouring outside the lines. Life's short, live a little!

New England White IPA

Office Legend

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