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Record Breaker IPA-series

Step into the world of our 2024 Record Breaker IPA series! Inspired by offbeat world records, each brew is a flavor-packed adventure for body and mind. Keep scrolling to discover the full story behind every release!
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#2 Wing Walker

In 2022, a 95 years old daredevil strapped himself to a plane and propelled himself into the record books. We like to take risks as well and have pushed this NEDIPA to the limit! Fueled and ready to go this brew is injected with New Zealand hops creating jet streams of tropical fruit, citrus, grapefruit, and pine. Time to put your seats in the upright position and get ready for takeoff!

Watch the 95 year old legend fly!


New England Double IPA

Wing Walker

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#1 Heading up

In 2015, an acrobat took walking upstairs to a whole new level by doing so on his head. No other part of his body was allowed to touch the stairs as he bounced up thirty-six steps. This Red IPA won’t get you as red-faced as the legend that inspired it, but with an 8 grain malt bil and a whopping 16g/L of Comet, Chinook, and Simcoe hops it's going to knock you off your feet with flavour. Bright citrus and pine, alongside deep malt flavours combine to create a complex thirst quencher. Step right up!

Watch the stairway to headache!




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