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Skinny Dipper

Leave those pants behind and dive into this floral IPA. Skinny Dipper is the sixth release in our Live A Little series, encouraging you to color outside the lines even in the fall.
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Wim Hof? Forget about it!

Forget ice baths, find your favorite pond or fountain and go for a liberating skinny dip! Let the others enjoy the view, they don't know what they're missing.

We've always been fans of flower power, and in this IPA, the power of the flower is truly in full swing. Why? Because we've replaced almost all hops with flowers! Chamomile forms the base with a soothing herbal sweetness, followed by a robust and dry hop of hibiscus flowers, resulting in an intense berry body. The beer has the color of pink bare bottoms and tastes best after a skinny dip or other activity inspired by the '60s. Dive in!

Skinny Dipper is now available for order through our webshop and fresh from the tap at our bar in Amsterdam

Flower IPA

Skinny Dipper

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