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Straitjacket Escape

Escape reality with mind-boggling chocolate cherry stout.
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There’s no escaping the timeless flavor combination of cherries and chocolate. You also
don’t want to, this imperial stout makes sure of that!

Immediately with your first sip, your senses become overwhelmed by a tasty ecstasy. Dark
chocolate reigns supreme thanks to the pure crushed cacao nibs on which the
beer was aged. The sweet and fruity notes of cherries shine through the beer’s
full body and add to a great finish. The kind of finish you’d hope for with
such a mighty imperial stout. The roasted malt and pure cacao nibs make the
beer so mysteriously dark that it’s almost black, and the huge amount of
cherries used to give it a reddish glow. 250 grams per liter of cherries is
truly an enormous load of cherries for a beer. It’s just the right amount for
this massive imperial stout, making it mouth-wateringly irresistible in
combination with the aroma and flavor of chocolate. Even if you try to restrain
yourself with a straitjacket you’d still somehow escape, like Houdini, just to
get another sip.

Straitjacket Escape - Imperial cherry chocolate stout (9.8%) is now available in the webshop.
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