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Sunset Suzy is here

There she is: Sunset Suzy, our new original! We've been endlessly experimenting with sours over the past years, and now it's bearing its citrus fruits. We brew originals all year round, so also this new orange soda sour!
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This thirst quencher is packed with orange and citrus sunshine and finishes with a slight tartness. What are you waiting for? Follow Suzy's tail and live as if you have nine lives!

Orange Soda Sour

Sunset Suzy

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We love (s)our beer

You might be wondering: what is a sour and why is my favorite brewery choosing this style? Well, that's something your favorite brewery will tell you!

Let's go back to the end of 2020: that's when we brewed our first limited edition sour, Cherry Kiss. From there, we experimented endlessly and across the board: from fruit bombs that, due to the large amount of exotic fruits, were secretly too expensive to produce profitably, to an ode to the legendary apple pie. The sour is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, a beer style that the beer adventurer shouldn't overlook. Although we're beer geeks ourselves, we believe it's important that everyone gets to know this emerging beer style. And one thing is certain: this sour is going to help us achieve that! Flash forward to last Christmas, when the recipe for our original sour was finalized after a number of test batches. It became an orange soda sour, which, at 4.8%, offers a thirst-quenching beer alternative for wine, cocktail, and soft drink lovers. Sunset Suzy is an irresistible beer on sunny days without being overwhelming, bursting with orange and citrus, and has a small but effective tartness.

Enough talking, there's only one thing left to do: bring Suzy home and experience our pride. Cheers!
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