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230322 TCB Combi Tonys Chocolonely v1

Bier x Tony Chocolonely pairing

Package contents



Beer pairings only savoury? Of course not! Even the sweet tooth can pair our beers with food that takes taste explosions to a new level. Perfect to share with one or two friends, or to keep all to yourself.... we don't judge!

In this package, you will find three Tropical Ralphie's (Hoppy Weizen), three Green Bullets (IPA) and two chocolate bars from our friends at Tony's Chocolonely. 

- Tropical Ralphie x White Raspberry Popping Sugar . This combination is popping of the charts! Ralphie finds his long-lost brother from another mother in this fruity and quirky chocolate bar.
- Green Bullet x Milk Pecan Crunch Caramel. The hop bitterness of Amsterdam's very first IPA gets even more body when combined with the pecan and sweet layer of caramel. Grab a piece, take a sip and let the party begin.

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