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Can only, but why?

Our beers are available in cans and kegs. People often ask us why we don't use bottles anymore. Spoiler alert: Quality!
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Our worst enemies...

...are oxygen and light. Oxygen causes oxidation, a chemical process that makes beer smell and taste old and stale. Temperature and light also influence this process. Light causes a certain substance originating from the hops to change its structure. In English, this is called lightstruck or "skunked" beer, because of the unpleasant aromas and flavours released by this process. Good to know that cans are light and airtight and that canned beer also gets colder faster than a bottle. That's better for the quality of your beer! 

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MORE beer per square metre

Thanks to cans, we maximise the amount of beer you can put in your fridge. In the place of a single beer bottle, two cans now fit. Pretty nice anyway! Cans are also super convenient for transport: cans are much less fragile than glass and they are more compact, allowing us to fit more beer into a van or truck. This in turn ensures that we drive less, which is better for the environment. More beer + fewer kilometres + less waste = win win win!



Since 1 April 2023, there has been a deposit on cans. As a result, all cans we produce are also neatly recycled. This makes us very happy, doesn't it make you too?

Look at them shine!

Funky Falcon Mock Up website

Funky Falcon

Pale Ale

FF AF mockup site

Funky Falcon 0.2%

Non-alcoholic pale ale

Mock up bon chef

Bon Chef

New England ipa

Mock up white mamba

White Mamba


Mock up green bullet

Green Bullet

India pale Ale

Tropical Ralphie Mock Up

Tropical Ralphie

Hoppy weizen

Holy Günter Mock Up

Holy Günter

Craft Lager

Mock Up HW porter

Howling Wolf


Dragons Kiss Mock Up

Dragons Kiss

Session IPA

India Pale Ale Special Editions Sour Limited Editions Dark Crazy Collabs India Pale Ale Special Editions Sour Limited Editions Dark Crazy Collabs India Pale Ale

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