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Lucky you! You've found the path to pure bliss. This Beer x Cheese pairing has been carefully curated by Two Chefs and our friends from the Cheese Room of Amsterdam. These combinations of craft beer and artisanal cheeses elevate our taste sensations to an otherworldly level. Trust us, you don't want to miss this party!

Bon Chef x Lakenfelder: A creamy Lakenvelder cheese brings out the best in this New England IPA. The creamy fresh cheese tempers the hoppiness of the beer, launching a bouquet of fruit tones from another dimension. A fruity duo dancing like a couple in love.

Delhi Licious x Deurninger Speciaal: The sweet Deurninger cheese and the spicy Delhi Licious couldn't be further apart geographically, but in this combination, they form a loving long-distance relationship that produces flavor explosions.

Tropical Ralphie x Comté 24m: Let yourself be surprised by the fresh and fruity Tropical Ralphie combined with the smoky blend of walnut and almond from this winter Comté. All seasons on the table!

Beer Grylls x Overjarige Rouvener: Experience the perfect ending with the crispy goat cheese from Rouveen and the deep tones of coffee and chocolate in this nocturnal imperial porter. Cheese wins in creaminess and saltiness, Beer Grylls wins with the roasted notes, coffee, and chocolate. The big winner? You!

Package includes:
4 different beers in gift packaging
4 corresponding cheeses, each approximately 60 grams (total approximately 250 grams)

This package contains freshly cut cheese from our partner, De Kaaskamer. Therefore, the delivery time may take up to 5 business days. This also applies to other products in the same order. The tasting glasses are not dishwasher proof.

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